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How Braces Move Your Teeth

When we think about our teeth, it’s natural to view them as a permanent part of our jaw structure. But our teeth aren’t as solid as you might think. Braces in Waco, TX, can often adjust the position of your teeth with minimal pressure. They essentially use a technique of breaking the connection between the tooth and the jaw, but without severing the connection. A gentle pressure over an extended period of time can often be enough to help straighten your smile.

Braces in Waco TX can often move your teeth with a gentle pressure.

The Tooth-Jaw Connection

Our teeth are only attached to the jawbone through the root tips. The rest of the tooth is held in place by our gums and certain muscles and ligaments. The structure of our gums and jaws allows braces to work through a process known as bone remodeling. By adding pressure to one part of the tooth, they create tension on the ligaments that support our teeth. This tension causes the bone structure of our teeth to break down and rebuild. A similar process is used for tooth extractions, where pressure loosens the bond until the tooth can be easily removed. 

The Importance of Tightening

Putting too much pressure on the tooth and ligaments could cause damage, which is why braces can take a few months or years to work. A slow, gentle pace is the safest way to help straighten your smile. Every few weeks, you’ll likely need your braces tightened. This is because your teeth have already shifted slightly, and your bone has regrown in a new position. If this is not the final position, then tightening braces allows your teeth to continue slowly moving into their proper place. 


Patients who have complex dental cases may need traditional braces over other orthodontic options, such as Invisalign. This is because braces allow for on-the-go changes to treatment. Your dentist can often adjust the tension created to guide your teeth in the proper order. If, for example, you have overcrowding, your dentist may be able to adjust one half of your smile to make room for the other half to space out. As every person’s mouth is different, treatment can sometimes be unpredictable. This is another reason braces work slowly, allowing your dentist to catch any signs of trouble during treatment. 

Using Retainers After Braces in Waco, TX

Unfortunately, the same setup that allows for bone remodeling also allows for bones to shift back to their original state. Think of it like building muscle. If you don’t regularly maintain and use your new muscles, they can atrophy and return to a weakened state. Retainers are a crucial part of orthodontic treatment that helps your teeth maintain their straighter smile.

If you want a straighter smile, braces may be able to help. But you could also qualify for other orthodontic treatment options. At Fusion Dental & Braces, we provide quality orthodontic care for patients of all ages. Call us today at (254) 274-0979 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how braces could help your smile.

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