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How Dental Cleanings with Braces Work

Braces can be extremely beneficial in addressing certain bite and oral health concerns. However, they also tend to make it more difficult to maintain oral hygiene. The brackets and wires can make navigating with brushes and floss a struggle, and plaque loves to hide in those hard-to-reach places. It’s more crucial than ever that patients with braces get regular dental cleanings in Waco, TX. Braces can take between six months and two years to complete treatment, and that’s plenty of time for plaque and tartar to wreak havoc. Ideally, you should continue to see a dentist two or three times a year while in braces.

It’s more crucial than ever that patients with braces get regular dental cleanings in Waco, TX.

What to Expect with Dental Cleanings in Waco, TX

When you have braces, it can make your at-home oral hygiene routine a bit of a challenge. Many patients need to adjust their cleaning tools or techniques to ensure they properly clean their teeth and gums. However, your routine hygiene appointment is typically business as usual. The main difference is often how long the appointment takes. Because your dentist has to clean around the brackets and wires, you may need more time in the chair for a full cleaning. It’s important that you schedule enough time to ensure your oral hygiene is taken care of.

How Often Do You Need a Cleaning with Braces?

For many patients, braces don’t affect their normal hygiene schedule. If you saw your dentist every six months before braces, you could continue to maintain that schedule while in treatment. However, some patients may benefit from an extra cleaning each year. If you struggle to brush and floss properly while in braces, a four-month hygiene schedule could help prevent decay or damage. During your first hygiene visit after starting treatment, your dentist may recommend an additional cleaning depending on your oral health.

Tips for Cleaning Around Braces

Keeping up with brushing and flossing while in braces can be difficult. But there are ways to help improve your oral hygiene routine. Brushing at a 45 degree angle can help the bristles of your brush reach around the brackets to clean away plaque. Patients may also benefit from using a circular brush head that is designed to clean around braces. Flossing can also be a challenge, so you may want to consider using a WaterPik or other flossing tool to help keep your gums clean and healthy.

Dietary Restrictions

Changing your diet while wearing braces can also help prevent damage or decay. It’s best to avoid foods that are particularly chewy or crunchy, as these can often stick to your brackets or wires more easily. It’s also crucial that you avoid foods that are sticky, such as taffy, as these could cause the brackets to loosen or the wires to bend out of shape. Maintaining good chewing habits with braces could help improve your oral hygiene.

If you have traditional braces, it’s more important than ever to maintain your oral hygiene schedule. At Fusion Dental, we provide high-quality dental cleanings to patients with braces and can help recommend at-home tools or techniques for healthy brushing and flossing. Call us today at (254) 523-4457 to schedule your next cleaning.

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