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Can Braces Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

It’s no surprise that braces can cause some amount of pain and discomfort. Moving your teeth into the proper position can often require a great deal of force, meaning your teeth and gums won’t be happy. For many patients, tooth sensitivity in Waco, TX, caused by braces tends to be short-lived and manageable. If you experience persistent or extreme sensitivity, it could be a sign of a different dental problem. Your dentist can examine your mouth to determine what the source of sensitivity could be and what treatment may be available.

For many patients, tooth sensitivity in Waco, TX, caused by braces tends to be short-lived and manageable.

How Braces Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity in Waco, TX

Braces are designed to work slowly over a year or two to help gently guide your teeth back into place. The extended treatment time is often to help prevent excessive force that could cause severe pain or tooth damage. But even if each tightening is only adding a little bit of pressure, it can still lead to pain and discomfort. For most patients, this kind of sensitivity often only lasts a few days. However, persistent sensitivity could point to a different dental condition.

Past Dental Conditions

In some cases, orthodontics could agitate a past dental problem in your mouth. For example, if you had gum disease in the past, moving your teeth could cause your gums to experience pain and sensitivity. Before starting treatment, your dentist will examine your mouth thoroughly and look over your previous dental history to determine if there are any areas of concern. If you have a current dental problem, such as a cavity, your dentist will likely recommend treatment prior to getting braces. This can often help avoid worsening the problem or causing sensitivity.

Hygiene Difficulties

Brushing and flossing your teeth properly is one of the best ways to prevent decay and damage. When your oral hygiene suffers, you’re more likely to experience dental conditions that can lead to sensitivity. Patients who have braces often report greater difficulty in cleaning their teeth. Your dentist can offer tips on what kind of hygiene tools and techniques you can use to help. You may also want to consider getting an extra hygiene appointment every year while you’re in treatment. This can help combat plaque and tartar buildup to lower the chances of sensitivity.

Treatment Options

If you experience persistent tooth sensitivity while in braces, your dentist may be able to help through additional treatment. Not all treatment for tooth sensitivity is available while wearing braces. But some smaller procedures, such as a dental filling, may be able to help restore and protect your teeth. Your dentist will examine your mouth to determine the source of sensitivity and see if treatment is available.

At Fusion Dental and Braces, we understand the unique challenges that come with wearing braces. That’s why we work hard to help provide safe and comfortable treatment for all of our patients. Call us today at (254) 523-4457 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how braces can affect your tooth sensitivity.

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