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Summer Foods and Braces: What to Avoid

Summer break can be a great time for unwinding and relaxing after a tough school or work year. But it can also be a time of great risk for traditional braces. Many summer foods can cause damage to brackets and wires. When eating with braces, it’s crucial to avoid hazardous foods and take the proper precautions to protect your oral appliances. Otherwise, a summer trip with the family could turn into a summer trip to the dentist. 

When eating with braces, it's crucial to avoid hazardous foods and take the proper precautions to protect your oral appliances.

What to Avoid When Eating With Braces

Summer foods are often considered a childhood delicacy. However, they can lead to teenage complications when mixed with braces. Although it can be discouraging to miss out on some of your favorite summer foods, avoiding damage to your braces is often better in the long run. 


Popcorn is one of the most hazardous foods to eat with braces. Corn kernels can easily get stuck between brackets or under wires and are notoriously difficult to remove. Trying to dislodge them could loosen or damage your braces. And if left stuck, they could increase the risk of developing decay under your braces. Avoiding popcorn is one of the best ways to keep your braces in good shape during the summer.

Hard or Chewy Candy

Candy is a summer classic, but hard candy, such as jawbreakers, or chewy candy, such as taffy, can be dangerous with braces. Hard candies can often get stuck in braces, and their natural stickiness makes it difficult to clean them out. Chewy candies, on the other hand, can stick to your braces and create pressure that could loosen or dislodge them. If you need something sweet during your vacation, try soft fruits, such as seedless watermelons or bananas.


Corn on the cob is another summer favorite that winds up at most events or parties. But much like popcorn, the kernels of corn-on-the-cob can lodge themselves in your braces. Not only that, but biting into the hard surfaces of the corn can also cause damage to your braces. In fact, any food that you need to bite hard into (i.e., apples, drumsticks) can cause serious problems for your braces.

Foods You Can Enjoy

Letting go of your favorite summer foods can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up everything. There are plenty of summer favorites that are still on the menu when you have braces. These include:

  • Ice cream
  • Smoothies
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Soft pastries

Just make sure you properly brush and floss after eating sugary foods to help prevent cavities from forming under your brackets.

If you’re worried about how summer can affect your braces, Fusion Dental is here to help. A cleaning and an exam prior to starting summer vacation can be a great way to ensure your oral health and braces are in good condition before going away. Call us today at (254) 274-0979 to schedule an appointment and get your braces summer ready.

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