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Myths and Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry

When you feel confident in your smile, it’s often easier to enjoy life and join in when friends and family are having fun. But if you’re self-conscious about how your smile looks, it can be difficult to show your true emotions. Cosmetic dentistry in Waco, TX, could help improve the look of your smile. But there’s a lot of misinformation about cosmetic work floating around. At Fusion Dental & Braces, we want to dispel the rumors so you can seek cosmetic treatment with ease.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Waco TX can help restore your smile and bite.

Before and after dental veneer procedure. Selective soft focus.

Cosmetic Dentistry Myths and Facts

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry is Only for Looks

Fact: Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just to improve your appearance. In fact, many cosmetic treatments are also used to restore and protect your natural teeth or improve your oral health. Take, for example, braces and Invisalign. While straighter teeth do often lead to an improved smile, they also often lead to a stronger, healthier bite. When your teeth are misaligned, it can cause excess pressure that could lead to fractures in your teeth.

Myth: Insurance Won’t Cover Cosmetic Treatment

Fact: Because some cosmetic treatments can also be restorative, you may be able to receive partial or even full coverage for cosmetic dentistry. Each dental insurance company has different coverage policies, especially for cosmetic treatment. Some policies only pay for cosmetic work if there is a restorative need for the work as well. Your dentist can help you with your insurance claims.

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry is Extensive and Time-Consuming

Fact: While some cases can be extensive, many cosmetic procedures aren’t too time-consuming. For example, getting veneers typically requires only two appointments. The first appointment is to prepare your teeth and take impressions so the permanent veneers can be made. The second appointment is to set the permanents and ensure the look and fit are correct. 

Myth: Over-the-Counter Whitening is as Effective as Professional Whitening

Fact: For some patients, success from over-the-counter whitening treatments is possible. But most over-the-counter whitening products aren’t as effective as professional whitening treatment. If you don’t want to sit in the office for your whitening, you can still whiten your teeth professionally from the comfort of your home. Your dentist can provide you with at-home whitening kits with professional whitening solutions that could help improve your smile. 

Myth: Cosmetic Work Doesn’t Require Maintenance

Fact: When you get cosmetic treatment, you still need to keep up with your oral hygiene routine. While many cosmetic treatments are designed to last long, they still need to be cared for just like your natural teeth. Seeing your dentist at least every six months can help ensure your treatment is stable and durable.

At Fusion Dental and Braces, we’re determined to help our patients achieve the smiles of their dreams. If you’re unhappy with how your smile works, contact us to learn more about your options for cosmetic dentistry in Waco, TX.

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