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Our Orthodontic Treatment Options

The driving force behind orthodontics is the desire for a beautiful smile. Dr. Luca and the Fusion Dental & Braces team are dedicated to making this a reality for you! A healthy smile can boost your confidence and improve your quality of life. Patients often associate orthodontics with being a teenager.

However, it can benefit any age group. No smile is out of the running! Depending on the corrections you desire, we have many ways in which we can move forward with orthodontics. Braces and Invisalign are both popular, well-liked treatment options that deliver beautiful results! 

young woman with glasses and straight teeth holding invisalign aligners and 3D model of teeth with braces orthodontic treatment dentists in Bellmead Texas

  • Braces consist of brackets and wires bonded to your teeth. Over time, they place a constant, gentle force on your teeth to realign them. There have been many updates throughout the years to braces. You can now choose between clear and metal brackets; the wires are thinner and less noticeable. Braces are more effective than ever, with the latest materials created to move your teeth faster and provide more comfort. 
  • Invisalign uses three-dimensional mapping and 100-year-old science to give you your dream smile. One of the best parts is enjoying all the foods you usually eat and smiling regularly throughout treatment! Invisalign will not throw off your daily life! The progression of your smile will be visible through every step. When wearing your aligners, you will be ready for anything. Therefore, make sure to take them out before eating or drinking and brush your teeth before putting them back in. 

Wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours per day will give you the best results and the shortest overall treatment time. If you are a parent, your child’s aligners will have blue compliance indicators, so you can ensure they wear them for the required time per day. Invisalign is risk-free, straightforward, and an excellent option for all ages and stages of life!

There are many reasons patients choose to pursue orthodontics at different stages of life. Our team is here to help you make the most beneficial decision on when to start your orthodontic process or your child’s.

At Fusion Dental & Braces, Dr. Luca’s primary goal is to make your smile journey as comfortable and transparent as possible. Committing to orthodontic treatment is an important decision, and we want to support you during every stage. We offer a free Smile Design Consultation upon committing to braces to make things easier for our patients!

This consultation will include the following: 

– A thorough review of your dental and medical history

– A complete oral exam with X-rays to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary

– Help create a custom treatment plan

– A discussion regarding financial information, insurance options, and payment plans

This consultation will also be an excellent opportunity to meet Dr. Luca and the team, learn more about the benefits of orthodontics, and determine the best option for your needs. Call us at (254) 224-6600 to book your consultation!

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